About Us

30 Gram Interactive are a team of gamers who help companies go mobile. We’re ex EA, App Annie and Playhaven, so we know the games business, the analytics business and the ad business. We have you covered and are based in London and Seoul.

We’ve worked across the biggest brands, with companies including Samsung, LG, Sony and Philips and messaging platforms such as LINE and Kakao…Launching brands and titles on mobile, as well as SmartTV’s and new platforms like Virtual Reality.

We know who to speak to and how to get your game in front of the right people. We’ve also helped raise funds for exciting teams.

We know how to build polished and engaging applications and how to get them discovered. We can also help culturalise and localise your content to maximise your success in Asia.

We work with developers to make their games more engaging and publish them across all the app stores you can think of.

We love hearing about new projects so Say Hi.

Meet the Leadership Team